Advanced ECG Master Class

Advanced ECG Master Class

On-Site Training
Duration: 1 Day (9am-5pm) inc. lunch & refreshments
Level: Intermediate-Advanced



This seminar is ideal for delegates who already have a good working knowledge of ECG rhythms and common 12-lead abnormalities. It is an extension of the two-day ECG course and concentrates on advanced topics that are not often included in basic training sessions. Emphasis is given to background electrophysiology, underlying heart defects, mechanisms behind arrhythmias, differential diagnosis, and clinical significance. This course is particularly useful for delegates who wish to acquire a greater understanding of the ECG and for those involved in training other members of staff. All delegates will receive an ECG Toolkit and a certificate of attendance.

This course is suitable for anyone who wishes to take their ECG skills to the next level, and gain a thorough understanding of how and why certain waveform morphologies occur. Past delegates include nurses, doctors, cardiac physiologists, resuscitation officers, paramedics, and anyone involved in interpreting ECGs to a higher level.

Each delegate will receive an ECG Toolkit which includes a soundly researched unabridged workbook, ECG examples, glossary, axis chart, and a certificate of attendance. Delegates will receive links to pre-course elearning modules containing useful background information prior to attending, and a year's FREE subscription to "The 12-Lead ECG in Myocardial Infarction & Ischaemia" elearning module worth £15.

To see examples of our training materials please click here ECG Toolkit



Review of Terminology & Common Arrhythmias
Mechanisms of Arrhythmias
Atrial Tachycardia
Atrial Fibrillation & Flutter
Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome
Types of Ventricular Tachycardia
A Guide to Narrow Complex Tachycardias
A Guide to Wide Complex Tachycardias

    Axis Deviation
    Bifascicular & Trifascicular Blocks
    Right Ventricular Hypertrophy
    Posterior & RV Infarction
    Electrolyte Disturbances
    Pericardial Abnormalities
    Common Heart Defects



      This course can be provided onsite at your hospital. If you have any other queries or require more information please contact Maxine Guillen or alternatively visit FAQ. For terms and conditions see here.