Module 1.3 Cardiology Basics: The 12-Lead ECG

Module 1.3 Cardiology Basics: The 12-Lead ECG

Why do we need a 12-lead ECG? In this module we will discover the purpose of a 12-lead ECG in comparison to interpreting a single lead rhythm strip. We will study the limb leads, what they convey, and how this relates to the hexaxial reference system. We will then examine correct chest lead placement, and learn how to record a 12-lead ECG. We can then perceive how this is translated onto graph paper, what areas of the heart are represented, and learn the correct anatomical terms. Finally we will look at some common recording artefacts with some additional tips to ensure a good quality recording.

This module will take approx. between 1.5 to 2.0 hours to complete. If you would like a certificate for your CPD folder there is an option to request one on completion. You can also download the entire script for the module here, or from the resources section within the presentation.

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