Meet the team

Maxine Guillen

Maxine is a freelance cardiac physiologist with over 20 years of experience. She has worked in numerous hospitals throughout the UK specialising in both invasive and non-invasive cardiology techniques. She founded Cardio Rhythms in 2000 and has written and taught many ECG interpretation courses to cardiology students and other health care professionals alike. She is a member of the RCCP, is accredited by the British Society of Echocardiography, and was the lead ECG tutor and examiner for Guy’s and St Thomas’ MPI stress testing course. Aside from her qualifications in physiological measurement she also holds a PGCE in teaching & learning in higher education.

Maxine currently works as a part-time locum echocardiographer in the south of England, and spends the remainder of her time developing new courses for Cardio Rhythms and for other clients. Her strengths and recent freelance work revolves around medical scriptwriting, voice recording, and creating storyboards from previous text heavy courses. She loves to teach a range of abilities, from beginners through to trainers, and very much enjoys sharing knowledge with others, and swapping helpful tips. Maxine became interested in developing e-learning courses about a year ago, and has since become an avid Articulate Storyline user. With the help of Oscar (two brains are better than one!) they formed Cardio Rhythms Online in 2012.

Maxine lives quietly in Bournemouth by the seaside with Oscar and their son Jack. As well as her work in cardiology she is an accomplished pianist and holds a first class undergraduate and postgraduate degree in music. She enjoys horse riding, loves watching tennis, and is trying to improve her Spanish!


Oscar Guillen

Oscar Guillen is senior e-learning developer, and the IT brains behind Cardio Rhythms Online. He is in charge of the design and day to day running of the website, the e-learning management and e-commerce systems, and creates all of the illustrations, animations and videos. He is also responsible for the digital restoration of ECGs, updating the blog, and deals with all technical matters.

Originally from Spain, Oscar started his adult life with a stint as a fire fighter followed by two years as a paratrooper. He came to London in 1998 and over the next few years trained as a commercial pilot. Oscar became interested in IT and building computers way back when. After developing several websites for his work colleagues he became interested in finding ways to effectively implement and deliver e-learning courses on the web. In an ever changing e-learning environment Oscar’s research is on-going; he is particularly keen to not only deliver e-learning content to the PC, but also to deliver e-learning on various mobile platforms. As well as his commitment to Cardio Rhythms Oscar also works as a freelance e-learning developer for other corporations. His particular strengths revolve around producing training materials with Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Sketchbook Designer, Flash, Articulate Storyline, and Movie Studio Platinum, to name but a few!

Oscar primarily works from his office in Bournemouth and is now a very proud father to his son Jack. As well as speaking fluent Spanish and English, Oscar also speaks a little French. In his spare time he is an avid gardener, loves cycling, and is an all-round adrenaline junkie.


Jason Winter

Jason Winter has over 20 years of experience in emergency care in the UK, USA, and South Africa. He has worked in both a major hospital setting and in pre-hospital emergency care, and currently works in the UK as a clinician for the NHS ambulance service. Jason has a passion for ECG education and loves making this sometimes difficult subject easier to understand. This has resulted in a vibrant online community of ECG aficionados. He is the creator and editor of the ECG & Cardiology blog (formerly 12-lead ECG Experts), ECG Lessons Online, and ECG Study Cards.

This unassuming Yorkshire man is a big fan of online medical education. With his astonishing marketing skills he has built probably the largest cardiology social networking page on Facebook, and with all his projects combined he reaches a staggering 2 million people weekly!

Jason is presently co-writer of Cardio Rhythms’ ECG e-learning modules, and plays an integral part in marketing. Outside of his ECG related projects, Jason’s interests include travelling and flying light aircraft. He is a proud father to two lovely children, and currently lives in Derbyshire.

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