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Using the CPDme structured online portfolio builder is a simple, manageable way of maintaining an accurate record of your professional development. Follow our step-by-step guide to keeping your portfolio updated and never again have a portfolio that gets dusty on the shelf.

Take part in an activity or event that creates a learning point. This may be a course, lecture, reading a journal or browsing the web. Log onto CPDme and access the ‘Submit to Diary’ page.
Submitting to your CPD Diary is the core element of building a professional CPD portfolio. Using our simple format, you can document what you have learnt and how you are going to apply this to your future practice.
Collating Evidence is also another key part of building your portfolio. In the diary submission, you will have the opportunity to attach evidence like a certificate, essay, presentation or evidence to substantiate your learning.

Analysing and Printing your portfolio are the next steps. Every submission you make is collated, analysed and a summary report is generated for you to see. Simply complete the “Print My Portfolio” form and you will receive a customised printable copy of your portfolio by email within minutes.

The CPDme portfolio builder has been designed to enable the user to demonstrate compliance with both the Health & Care Professions Council (HCPC) and the Nursing & Midwifery Council (NMC) standards for CPD.
Members benefit from being able to access and update their development portfolio on the move. The advantage of our mobile app is that you can capture and document your development as it happens.
Our members regularly use the CPDme courses, conferences and activities finder to search topics such as health & social care, emergency services, management, and personal development. The course finder can be used by non-members, however our members receive discounts to many courses and products.
One of our preferred features is the development activities report and summary of CPD standards. This enables the user to quickly see an analytical breakdown of activities, ensuring the portfolio is a good mixture of various development and learning.

CPDme is cloud based which means that you are not tied to your home computer to access your CPD learning and development folder. Access all your uploads, certificates, presentations and development evidence stored safely on our CPDme cloud anytime, anywhere.
You can quickly have a print ready portfolio with supporting evidence. Perfect for an interview, career review or professional audit. No more last moment panic portfolio building or searching for that lost certificate.

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